Family Fiesta!

Three years late, it was time for a house warming and so with London well into the Festive Season, we had invited family over for an early Christmas celebration as we were going to be in France.

We started off with canapes of salmon and beetroot on pumpernickel toast (very nice) and a roast beef and horsey horseradish crostini. Washed down with some M&S champagne, things were off to a good start.

Preparations had also included the inevitable chili cooked by Big T. It seems that every time we invite people over for lunch, we have chili, it was one of his best efforts this time and to expand the repertoire, Big T added a chicken and mushroom stroganoff. We served both dishes with fluffy Basmati rice and jacket potatoes. Comfort food indeed!

With the wine flowing nicely the noise level increased…

I was on desserts and for that I had made a ginger and lime cheesecake, possibly the sweetest dessert I’ve ever made and eaten, and a treacle tart with a lovely shortcrust pastry. Let’s just say it wasn’t the most slimming of meals!

With a cheese board to follow there wasn’t much room left other to squeeze in a coffee and exchange the wrapped Christmas presents for the upcoming celebration.

It was a fun afternoon but with a trip to France on the agenda for the early morning, it looked like Big T was going to be feeling fragile…


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