Mud Slinging End of Part One

Back to mud slinging last night for the last class and to see what surprises lay in store for me from the kiln. I had done express glazing the previous week and had no idea what would be waiting for me.

The first challenge was finding my pots. In a school where all beginner potters produce cylinders and bowls, they all look a bit the same. I had carved my initials into the bases but still, it wasn’t easy. In the end I found six out of seven and was pleasantly surprised.

The final six
Matte Danish Blue stoneware glaze
Unintentional stacking bowls

I spent the evening glazing my three remaining pieces and will go back in the next couple of weeks to collect them and hopefully find my missing pot as I hate losing things.

Waiting to be fired…

While these have worked out quite well, my goal is to make something bigger and more finessed in the next class. Work slower perhaps and more precisely.

Mud Slinging Beginners… done!

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