The Airportr

With a large suitcase (by my standards) packed to the brim with Christmas (Yuletide) essentials, a pair of skis, poles, ski boots, a bag of clothes, Christmas presents and a laptop, I was faced with a first world conundrum. 

How to get across Central London to Gatwick airport on public transport?

Option 1: I could take a taxi but it usually takes longer.

Option 2: I could lug everything myself but required several flights of stairs and even I’m not that much of a glutton for punishment.

It was then I discovered the Airportr. Servicing British Airways and American Airlines (so far) Airportr picks up one’s luggage, checks it in and it arrives at the other end without having been carried up a single step. Brilliant!

For a worthy cost (£20 per bag) it seemed like the ideal solution and so I booked a collection.

My bags left home the evening before me, they were tagged and barcoded and my passport and boarding pass were scanned. All I had to do was get myself and my hand luggage to the airport in time for one of the busiest travel days of the year.

It was all ok until my phone rang at 5:45am with a man saying that BA wouldn’t let him check my bags as they needed to see my passport. Damn having several citizenships, it causes more hassle than it’s worth.

Still, it wasn’t all bad. I set off and arrived (for once) an hour later and met the Airportr chap at check in. My passport was checked and my bags were successfully checked in without me touching them once.

It was still money well spent especially as everything arrived (including skis) without a hitch in Nice.

Christmas in a suitcase!

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