The First Christmas Brocante

Over the summer we discovered a new source to feed the brocanting addiction, a small second-hand furniture shop just up the road from us where the pieces were exactly our style and prices were extremely reasonable.

We just happened to be driving past yesterday and so stopped for a look, as there’s always the chance of something new…

The Brocanting Gods were certainly on our side as we found a standard lamp, a lovely marble-topped side table, another slightly bigger marble-topped table for downstairs, a pot for the garden and a free lamp thrown in as a gift. All this for the bargain price of €120 after a bit of negotiating.

The new sherry table
A working standard lamp for €15
Big T’s €5 lamp now painted and waxed
One of our best finds… a €5 standard lamp

 Apart from losing the dog for a second who ran madly into the middle of the road causing panic all round, we drove home triumphantly to unload our new purchases.

A very naughty Welsh Terrier

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