Another IKEA road trip

It seems there’s always something to do and this time it’s a push to try and finish our new apartment downstairs in time for Spring.

The kitchen is installed, not plumbed in yet so not quite functioning but looking very nice and Big T is busy painting everything he can get his brush on. Photos to come.

In anticipation of furnishing, we nipped off down to IKEA in Toulon, a place we seem to have gone to a few times before!

With our haul squeezed into the back of the Mini, we drove home with another few lamps, a rug and a new kitchen island for the Caretaker’s Cottage downstairs. 

We are now the house of a thousand table lamps as every bedroom needs two lamps and two bedside tables so that’s eight of each and every sofa needs side tables and lamps… another six of each! Lighting has been a challenge but we’re finally achieving the ambiance we were hoping for as the house feels like more of a home day by day.

There will always be some large projects on the horizon as we’d like to upgrade the kitchen and bathrooms, move the staircase and put in electric gates (oh to dream!) but these are for the long term.

In the meantime, I have a kitchen island to assemble!

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