The End of 2017

It’s the end of another year. A year which started in Sri Lanka and is ending in France. A year where terrorism and politics seem to have dominated the news and a year where personally, things have been pretty good.

This year the main event was buying our new/old French house and starting the many projects which have accompanied it.

This year we celebrated three happy weddings, all very different but all very right. We’ve had great times with all our familes and valued old friends.

This year I decided to take up crafting, I started throwing clay around and poking needles in felt. It’s been creatively satisfying and a balance to my screen-based career.

This year we enjoyed our second year of Agnes and Welsh Terrier mayhem. The rugs will never be the same.

And this year we laughed more than we cried so that’s a good thing.

And for 2018? Well, the intention is that it will be a year of Integrity. From the food we buy, the clothes we wear, the choices we make, the goal will be to choose quality over quantity and we are aiming to do all things with integrity. We’re aiming high!

And of course as we always like a bit of challenge, perhaps it’s time to sell our London flat and look for somewhere new… and of course, we’d like to travel more!

And for me personally, I’ve written this blog now for six years. What started as an adventure moving from LA to London in 2012 has turned into a collection of memories and thoughts and continues to be something I enjoy and so I’ll continue writing my observations and nonsense in 2018.

And so with a folly of a new fondue pot to ring in the New Year (and will most likely only be used once) have a very happy New Year!

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