Sofa Surfing

This weekend it was back to Laura Ashley as we need to play musical sofas in France.

We now have the Caretaker’s Cottage ready to be furnished and so we decided over Christmas that we’d move the current sofa from the living room to the downstairs. One problem solved and with a handy tape measure, we’re optimistic it will fit.

Then we thought we’d buy two new sofas for the living room which would mean we wouldn’t have to sit as though we’re waiting for a bus. Extravagant but with the Laura Ashley January sale, we could buy two sofas for the price of one. Bargain or not?

And so off we went, back on the bus to Westfield, a strange sense of dêja-vu. 

It was all quite easy, we looked at fabric, choose a pale hedgerow green to break with the traditional duck egg, whipped out a credit card and the deed was done. Again, the challenge will be to get two large sofas in through our tiny front door and then get them down to the south of France. We’ll throw in another bed and the big furniture will be done.

We’re now in shock and have put in austerity measures for the next month. At least we won’t be buying sofas again!

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