The India Club

Down on the Strand not far from Charing Cross, is the Hotel Strand Continental, home to the India Club, a relic from the 1950s for Asian ex-pats. A very desirable property, the India Club is under threat of closure so we’ve been for dinner a couple of times to support it and have to say, it’s definitely worth a visit.
Up a cold, lino stairway is a warm, cosy bar and one flight further is the restaurant. Chairs are reminiscent of a village hall and about as comfortable and tables are old Formica. The atmosphere is relaxed and the food is good, and by London standards, cheap.

Both times we’ve been, we’ve eaten for about £20 a head with several starters and main courses, rice and naan. The dahl is authentic with mustard seeds visible and takes me back to Sri Lanka immediately.

We ate more than we needed but it was all very delicious and warming and as we’re sticking to Dry January, all washed down with a mango lassi so not very slimming!

Almost like being in India!

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