Back to Mud Slinging

Last night was my first week back at Mud Slinging… this time the advanced class! 

I had some trepidation to be honest, had I really progressed that much in the twelve weeks of wonky cylinders?

My fears were laid to rest when I walked into the studio and found six of my original classmates all having the same concern. We had a new teacher and I would say, first impressions were very good indeed. It would seem we could work on anything we wanted so it was on with bowls and cylinders for me.

Warm up cylinder

One of the added challenges up until now has been working right handed. I’m fairly ambidextrous so having talked to the new teacher, it seemed like a good time to have a go at reversing the wheel.

Right handed bowl

Standard throwing is done anti-clockwise except in Japan where throwing is done clockwise. Left handers throw clockwise and so it was time to have a go at throwing Japanese!

And so off I went…

The left handed pot… turning to come

In this year of Integrity I’m aiming for quality over quantity and so threw back a couple of pieces which didn’t cut the mustard but over all, I felt more confident in starting off and will continue left handed next week to see how things progress.

Back on the wheel!

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