Skiing Local

It was finally time to break out the new skis and take to the slopes!

After a little research we decided to try a small resort in the southern Alps, great for beginner and intermediate skiers and so we were off to Valberg!

Valberg is an hour and a half away from our house so we set off reasonably early and arrived around mid morning. Once we were kitted out with passes, ski gear and in my case, shiny new ski gear, we were off on the first chair lift to the summit. Yikes!

It’s fair to say the first run of the season is pretty rusty and involves a bit of fear. After the first wobbly run, things improved greatly and we were building on last year’s experience.

Valberg is a quiet resort, it has a smaller number of advanced runs so it’s great for the beginner and intermediate skier and on a quiet Friday before the school holidays, it meant that the slopes were almost empty.

We had runs and chair lifts almost to ourselves and enjoyed several hours gaining more confidence and daring to go beyond our previous comfort zones.

We think we each accidentally skied down a red run which is considered “difficult” as we branched out from the easy greens and slightly harder blues. No one was injured and if anything, there was a great sense of jubilation or perhaps disbelief!

On Saturday things were considerably busier and the runs were very different with other skiers to dodge. Still, progress was made and we ended on a high.

We’re now very keen to watch the Winter Olympics!


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