Nothing Much

After the weekend away, the birthday and the celebration, nothing much has happened for the past week. How dull!

I’m still smug in my bubble of (sort of) sobriety having had a few drinks for the celebrations and nothing else. I’m not entirely sure what’s happened to me but my drink of choice appears to be tonic water, ice and lemon, the key ingredient no longer appealing. How strange!

I’m now getting into Spring Cleaning having bought a carpet cleaner in a desperate attempt to clean the rugs formerly known as white. The rugs are now shades of beige with abstract patches of yellow. Progress has been made but we won’t be seeing white ever again.

I also went on a bit of a rampage over the weekend and scrubbed the paving removing the build-up of nasty green stuff from the winter. It looks much better and we’re ready to use our tiny outdoor space whenever the time and weather are right.

And with all that cleaning, I’m toying with the idea of an internal cleanse. Starting this week, I’m putting lots of green things on the menu. I’m even boring myself now!

Whilst this probably sounds rather dull, suddenly there’s a sense of spring in the air. The days are getting longer and there are trees with blossom starting to appear. It’s inevitable but it always seems to come as a surprise.

And with all this activity continues the ongoing conversation of where to live… and still no solution and so to end as I started this post, nothing much has happened!


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