Indestructable Dog Toys

One of the most challenging things about owning a dog, is finding a toy which lasts longer than a nano-second.

Dogs have sharp teeth. Dogs like chewing things and dogs have a hunt and kill instinct which seems to extend to soft toys.

Over the past two years we have bought and killed a large number of monkeys and squirrels. We’ve had random limbs and tails which survived the culling but nothing seems to have lasted very long.

It was time to do some research!

After reading a number of reviews from equally frustrated dog owners, I ordered the horrifically named Skin Fling. 

Badger, fox, rabbit and pheasant options all look remarkably like road kill as they come without stuffing (so no mess), a squeak in the bum and a ball for a head. So far so good! Agnes likes Skinny Fox and he’s survived the weekend so far.

Mr Skinny Fox and the Innocent Terrier


Next up was a rabbit skin tail on a string. Complete with squeak, sans body, this well designed toy means one can sit comfortably on the sofa and play tug of war with a small angry terrier. 


The Rabbit Skin Chaser and the Terrier Teeth

More to come on this I suspect as I wonder if these toys are terrier proof…

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