Throwing Pots

Over the last few weeks, I’ve lost my pottery mojo. 

Perhaps I should have continued throwing right handed, perhaps the looser structure of the class hasn’t taught me anything or perhaps I’ve hit a plateau. 

Last week it was back to square one as I went back to basics and had a one-to-one with the teacher about how to throw a bloody pot. It was quite frustrating as I thought I was doing quite well at one point.

By the end of the class I was feeling quite a bit better. I’d struggled to centre my clay, I’d thrown away a couple of disasters and I’d made my biggest pot to date, an accidental chamber pot.

The Accidental Chamber Pot
Chamber Pot in profile

I’m still trying to make intentional shapes and feel my shapes continue to need refining but progress was finally made and hopefully I’m over the hump!

More controlled… sort of

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