Snow business

I was awake sneezing and blowing my nose at 4am. 

I had one of those horrible sore throats where nothing helps and I’d given up on getting to sleep. Agnes and I had taken to the sofa and were waiting for morning to arrive.

I went to boil the kettle and looked out at the garden, there was a little snow left from yesterday. An hour later I went back and suddenly everything was hidden under a thick, white blanket of snow. The overly predicted snow had actually arrived!

When daylight finally arrived, we wrapped up and took Agnes over to Queen’s Park. It was a magical scene with frosted trees, dry, powdery snow underfoot and crystals twinkling in the sunlight.

Out in the road and raring to go

Agnes danced for joy and bounded through the snow.

We came home slipping and sliding on the icy paths as the traffic moved slowly on the uncleared roads.

I dosed myself with cold medicine and decided I would work from home.

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