Still chilly

I made it into pottery last night.

My concern about four pots needing turning before they dried was much greater than a bit of cold weather and so off I went, into Central London to discover that things were not as bad as they seemed.

I turned my four pots and glazed four more as there are only three weeks remaining and time is running out. I have twelve pieces at the moment and am hoping to have a go at porcelain next week. And then what’s next for this left handed potter?

This morning, with the internet still frozen, I decided to return to work only to discover that the tube was frozen. Grrr, it was off to work on a very cold bus for me.

In New York last winter it was -13C and they seemed to keep things moving. We haven’t come close to that and people are having to sleep in cars and trains, train tracks have frozen and generally things have shut down. 

Another couple of days and things should start to warm up and hopefully our internet will have defrosted too!

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