Back on the market

Over the weekend we went to look at a couple of flats in Little Venice. 

It’s an area we really like and an area that we can’t really afford but we saw a flat we could afford which needed a lot of work and so that got us thinking.

The flat we saw probably isn’t an option as we would have to sell our current place and all that takes time but it certainly made us think that perhaps it’s the right time to have another go at selling and see where we could go next.

We’ve gone back and forth on whether to leave London and head to the commuter belt but it’s all a bit terrifyingly suburban so for the moment it looks as though the scales have tipped in favour of staying in the city; the only question is where?

I spent the rest of the weekend starting the Spring Cleaning as things need to be spruced up in order to put our flat back on the market. We’ll get the estate agents around to have a look in the next couple of weeks.

Here we go again!

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