One Sofa, Two Sofas, Three Sofas, Four

We now own four sofas. That is a ridiculous number considering we are only two people with two bottoms. This does not include the dog, who is only allowed up if she is sitting on a human.

Two very large sofas were delivered to our London flat which has a very small front door. One sofa made it through the door, the other did not. This is a mystery to me as both sofas are the same size. So there’s a large green sofa now installed in our communal hallway to the joy of our neighbours.

The two new sofas are en route to France and will be departing on Monday but in the meantime, we have to work out how to get the hallway sofa inside the flat as apparently there’s a new tenant moving in upstairs with Mr Chips, perfect timing as always.

So that’s Friday night sorted!

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