Pottery Express

It was the second last class and after a sleepless night the week before, worrying about how to get things finished, I went in with a plan of attack.

First stop, the glazing room. I dipped and glazed six pieces at breakneck speed so they could be fired for next week. By 8pm I was done and moved on to turning.

Express turning meant I had five pieces ready for firing so they can be glazed in the final week. Going so fast resulted in one casualty but all things considered that wasn’t too bad.

I finished up with some experimental second glazing on four pots which had been glazed badly. By mixing glue with glaze, the pots apparently can be fired again. So that was done too.

I staggered in the front door at 10pm absolutely exhausted. This hobby is not as relaxing as I’d imagined! 

Next week, photos of the end result. Let’s see if there’s any improvement!

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