Cracking up

Last week’s pots had some issues. 

Perhaps it was my cold, perhaps it was battling through the snow to turn and fire them or perhaps they were just shit but regardless, I had a few casualties at pottery last night.

The chamber pot had cracked and wasn’t worth photographing or glazing and there were other disasters. One pot had apparently committed suicide as I couldn’t find it at all.

Nevertheless, I bravely soldiered on with another batch of dubious shapes. I tried making tea cups which looked suspiciously like bowls and ended the evening making two small things, sake cups perhaps?

I was worrying all night about how I’m going to get everything turned, glazed and fired in the next two weeks. And then what am I going to do next?

It would seem the pots aren’t the only things cracking up.

Back on the market

Over the weekend we went to look at a couple of flats in Little Venice. 

It’s an area we really like and an area that we can’t really afford but we saw a flat we could afford which needed a lot of work and so that got us thinking.

The flat we saw probably isn’t an option as we would have to sell our current place and all that takes time but it certainly made us think that perhaps it’s the right time to have another go at selling and see where we could go next.

We’ve gone back and forth on whether to leave London and head to the commuter belt but it’s all a bit terrifyingly suburban so for the moment it looks as though the scales have tipped in favour of staying in the city; the only question is where?

I spent the rest of the weekend starting the Spring Cleaning as things need to be spruced up in order to put our flat back on the market. We’ll get the estate agents around to have a look in the next couple of weeks.

Here we go again!


And of course, as quickly as it arrived, it left.

By Sunday all the snow had gone, the temperature had risen and we’d all forgotten about the surreal week that was. 

People had been stranded on trains for hours, people had died, chaos had reigned and then pipes had burst and people had no water. Amazing to think that all this had happened in the space of five days.

Just as well we don’t live in Scandinavia!  

Friday afternoon

I left work early and got the bus home as, against the odds, the buses seemed more reliable than any other mode of public transport.

Getting off the bus it was snowing heavily and I walked, head down like the Little Match Girl until I finally made it in the warmth of home.

It had been a strange week and the only thing to do was go to the pub for a recovery drink (technically a celebration) and then emerge a little later into a white wonderland as the snow was still falling.

Still chilly

I made it into pottery last night.

My concern about four pots needing turning before they dried was much greater than a bit of cold weather and so off I went, into Central London to discover that things were not as bad as they seemed.

I turned my four pots and glazed four more as there are only three weeks remaining and time is running out. I have twelve pieces at the moment and am hoping to have a go at porcelain next week. And then what’s next for this left handed potter?

This morning, with the internet still frozen, I decided to return to work only to discover that the tube was frozen. Grrr, it was off to work on a very cold bus for me.

In New York last winter it was -13C and they seemed to keep things moving. We haven’t come close to that and people are having to sleep in cars and trains, train tracks have frozen and generally things have shut down. 

Another couple of days and things should start to warm up and hopefully our internet will have defrosted too!

Cabin Fever

My cold has improved but the big freeze is still here. The UK doesn’t cope well with snow and everything seems to have shut down.

We’re into the second day and the internet now appears to have frozen which makes it a little hard to work from home. I’m currently weighing up the pros and cons of going into the office and then going to my pottery class…

I ventured out to the park with the dog as she doesn’t appear to feel anything through her thick, furry winter jacket. 

To be honest it wasn’t that bad (minus two degrees) until the wind whipped up and the snow blew across the park and then I felt like Nanook from the North. The Little Dog jumped up and down trying to catch the moving snow. It’s not hard to imagine who was having the better time.

Queen’s Park

Generally we’re all a bit bored now and given that this is the first day of Spring, are finding this decidedly unspringlike!