French Projects

A week in France means projects and as Big T had work to do, I was left to get on with some timely house projects as we get ready for summer guests and rentals.
Over the course of the week, I made six new cushion covers and have to ask myself how many cushions are too many?
We now have twelve cushions for the outdoor sofa and armchairs in stripes, pink and taupe. They are very comfortable but is it too many?
With the anticipated arrival of the two large green sofas, I suspect there’ll be more cushions on the horizon.
Another project on my list of things to do was to paint the Brady Bunch wall in the Little Bedroom upstairs.
It was a shiny brown wall made of wood panelling reminiscent of the 70s TV show when wood panelling was somehow acceptable. It had been bothering me since we bought the house and it was time to get it sorted out.
We’d talked about removing it but realised that could involve a surprise of what lay underneath so I took the path of least resistance, sanded it and armed with a can of paint, layered on white paint.
Shiny brown wood is hard to cover with thin French paint and five coats later, it was still looking a little patchy. My commitment was flagging and I declared it finished. What it needed was a final coat of rich, thick cream Farrow and Ball paint but perhaps that’s a job for someone else (hint hint).
The room looked much lighter and brighter and I was pleased that job was done. All that’s missing are bedside tables and the Little Bedroom is done.

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