Spring Cleaning

After the debacle of the previous day, Sunday dawned bright and sunny and we spent the day Spring Cleaning.
We uncovered the pool having diligently covered it in October for the winter and discovered a bright green algae had disfigured our pristine pool from last summer.
The temperature of the water was 14 degrees. It seemed like a long way to go until we hit the balmy mid twenties and above.
As pool novices, we read up on how to restart a pool. Big T dumped in some chemicals and I started sweeping. Soon the water was a cloudy green and things looked worse than they had when we started.
We left the filters running and diligently backwashed them as they seemed to be filling up with algae. I swept the pool twice a day for the next week, gradually the algae started to dissipate and we were heading towards a turquoise colour rather than a moss green.
The unseasonal weather wasn’t helping much as rain and wind kept dumping silt and leaves into the pool hampering my progress but on I soldiered as a clean pool is a nice pool.
The rest of the day was spent gardening, the grass has come back and is scattered with daisies, dandelions and little purple flowers. As the weather was nice there may have been a glass of rosé along the way.
A much nicer day than the day before and hopefully swimming season isn’t too far off.

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