Summer Bookings

As the Easter break progressed, the booking requests started to come in.

This summer we’re trying out renting the house through Airbnb while we camp out downstairs in the Caretaker’s Cottage. There will be pros and cons to this idea.
We now have bookings in July and August and only have one week left free in each month. My summer is going to involve a lot of washing and cleaning by the look of things.
The benefit to this is that we’ll make some money which will hopefully pay towards the big project, moving the stairs (more to come on that).
The downside is that we’ll be sitting downstairs listening to people swimming in our pool while we can’t. Hmm, it’s not a problem now but in August when it’s 35 degrees, it may be another story. And of course, people love to complain and I’m sure our rustic home may not please everyone, can’t wait for that!
In order to make life easier, I have stocked up on bedding for the house. With five beds to change, sheets to wash and a house to clean within a few hours, it’s essential to be well organised and that means having two sets of bedding for each bed. It’s really confusing as everything is white and there are three different sizes.
I now have boxes of bedding divided by size, (king, double and single) and will try and mark the sheets with a coloured thread to differentiate between them. Another useful tip I read was to put each set of bedding inside a pillowcase so one isn’t rifling through piles of white sheets in order to find the right size.
With eight bath towels, eight pool towels, sheets from five beds and sixteen pillowcases that’s a lot of laundry.
I must say my life is all glamour!

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