Up the Apples and Pears

When we bought the house we were made aware of an issue which had put off a number of buyers. The two bedrooms upstairs are adjoining and the stairs are in the wrong place.
It didn’t deter us as it didn’t really seem like a big deal.
If we have a family coming to stay, it’s a good solution for parents and kids as we give up our bedroom and move into one of the other rooms. There’s a family bathroom and it contains them on one floor!
As we’ve now spent time in the house, we do see a reason to move the stairs and separate the rooms with a hall. It would mean the master bedroom could have a lovely new bathroom and the Little Bedroom would have privacy and access to the bathroom downstairs so we had an architect round to have a look.
A local chap who works in Big T’s office came to have a look. Born and raised in the area, he’s familiar with the style of houses and knows how to work with the local builders and materials so he seemed like the right person to ask.
We talked about designs, weight-bearing issues and beams. We looked downstairs at the rather dubious foundations which have definitely been cobbled together over the centuries and we left him to come up with some brilliant solutions (we’re waiting to hear back from him).
It’s a fairly big job and involves closing up the ceiling where the staircase is currently, matching and patching the beams, raising the ceiling in the bathroom and gutting the interior. All costly stuff which hopefully the rental income will help towards.
If we’re able to do it later this year, it will make a massive difference to the house both in terms of usability and value provided the house doesn’t fall down in the meantime. Apparently there are some termites down there…
Dare I say, one step at a time?!

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