Liquids Only

By midday of Day Four I was finding the juices too sweet and even skipped a juice during the afternoon. 

It was a relief to have a vegetable soup for dinner and I added some salt for my poor taste buds. There was something horrible about too much sweetness, a coating on the tongue and a sense that all my teeth were about to fall out. I don’t know how people eat doughnuts!

Despite the sugar, I made it through Day Four without any concerns and so with the scales down, I’m feeling lighter and brighter for Spring. I’m down about 5lbs which will, of course, come back as soon as I eat, but it reminds me of where I like to be.

I am a self-confessed fatist and very judgemental about myself. While I may not look overweight, I can definitely tell when I’m not at my fighting weight and measures must be taken. This has worked well so far and I would definitely do it again, just with less fruit.

And so to Day Five…

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