Ping Pong

A week later than expected, a new Ping Pong table was delivered in France. It was delivered unassembled and we almost went to pieces as well!

It was perhaps one of the most complicated items of assembly I’ve undertaken and involved wheels, locks and hinges which enabled the table to open and close.

It started as a two person job and soon became three. Two hours after we started, the table was finally complete. The mechanisms worked despite our misgivings and the new table tennis table was installed under the cabana.

After regaining some energy, we had a test run and decided that it had been worth it. The small white balls pinged and ponged back and forth across the new grey table. The Little Dog jumped up and down in excitement and ran away with every ball which headed in her direction.

Agnes just wanted to take part as each ball was retrieved without damage and so a new sport was discovered for dogs.

And so the summer of table tennis begins!

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