Hedging my bets

I seem to have been working on hedges for the past month.

In France I’ve been clearing out layers of dead leaves and cutting back branches on a giant laurel hedge. It’s been an endless project and the bloody thing keeps growing back.

In London it was time to trim the hedge at the front of the house. We had inherited the hedge trimmers from the previous owners upstairs and so with a weekend in London (and it wasn’t raining) I decided it was my window of opportunity so off I went.

The hedge was quite large, wider than I could reach and certainly taller than me so I took one of the kitchen stools outside to stand on.

Things were progressing reasonably well. I was about halfway through when the inevitable happened. I cut through the electrical cable. One minute I was zapping through branches, the next minute the cord fell to the ground and that was that.


I had two options. Buy a new hedge trimmer or attempt to repair the one in hand. I chose the second option.

I stripped back the insulation on the wires and cycled down to the nearest hardware shop to buy electrical tape and a handy electrical block which involved poking wires through either end and tightening with a tiny screwdriver. I then wrapped and wrapped the whole thing with electrical tape and hoped I wouldn’t fuse everything in the flat and electrocute myself.

I will add that I was not the first person to have this accident as the cable already had a repair in place. I decided that it would be better to take the previously repair apart and reconnect it rather than having two joins.

Anyway, with the repair complete, I gingerly plugged in, turned on and amazingly, I was back in business. Hurrah (well, sort of).

I finished the hedge (apart from a couple of bumps) and decided to call it a day. Hopefully it will grow back slowly…

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