Strategic Shopping

I have taken up strategic shopping. I think it could be a new hobby as I find it incredibly satisfying and of course, quite vacuous!

It involves doing countless hours of research, maintaining wishlists on various websites, working out what I have in my wardrobe and then strategically working out what I should buy for the season.

I change my mind a lot, relook at products again and again and then slowly and carefully place orders. I return things if they’re not right and hopefully I end up with clothes which will be with me for several years to come.

While this probably doesn’t sound very spontaneous I’ve realised that spontaneity or rather, panic shopping led to me buying some horrible summer dresses last year, ones which looked rather middle-aged.

My tactics seem to be paying off as I built a winter wardrobe which should keep me going for the next few years and now I’m working on my transitional/summer clothes.

In the spirit of Swedish Death Cleaning (more to come on that), I’m also trying to take the approach of one thing in, one thing out with varying degrees of success.

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