Gone to the dogs

On Sunday we decided to go to a Fete des Chiens in nearby Bar sur Loup. A dog’s day out so of course Agnes came along as well.

It turned out not to be the local version of Crufts which we’d been expecting but rather a gathering of hunters and their dogs. It was strangely republican in the US sense of the word.

We watched a bemusing display as a dog ran around in a field until a small brown bird appeared and ran away. The dog wasn’t allowed to chase the bird which must have been the point of the rather underwhelming exercise. Obviously the dog was not a badly trained terrier.

We walked past all sorts of varieties of hunting dogs all baying like mad at the small terrier on the red lead.

We saw a very large and prickly boar asleep under a tree. Agnes caught a whiff of him and went berserk. The boar wasn’t very interested.

We spotted lots of orange clothing for sale (to avoid being shot by other hunters) and then managed to avoid a very dubious plate of meat for lunch.

We saw some rabbits in a hutch (dog went crazy), some trout in a paddling pool (not really a fair fight), more hunting dogs and that was that.

We decided we’d seen enough of hunting and went home to enjoy lunch in our garden and a game of ping pong. Definitely more our style!

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