The Morris Cup

As we now have a very snazzy ping pong table folded up under the cabana, we’ve been enjoying a rather competitive ongoing tournament.

Friday evening saw the start of the Morris Cup (a shiny, plastic silver trophy has been purchased) and the competition is certainly heating up as we search for the worthy winner.

Big T and family are all very serious ping pong players and every family gathering involves a dusting off of the bats. I had been written off as rubbish but it seems I am now making progress as practise has certainly helped me improve my game.

Luckily Big T made the correct decision when buying the bats as he invested in the “anger resistant” bats which apparently don’t break if you smash them on the table in frustration. Luckily that didn’t happen and instead a lot of laughter ensued as we drew 2-2.

To be continued through the summer…

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