The Weekend TO DO list

Every weekend seems like a massive TO DO list and this was no exception. As the Airbnb deadlines loom, we are running out of time to get things ready.

There are things we can’t fix like cracks in the old walls and a broken mirror which was cemented into the wall in the bathroom (before the wall settled) and so our focus is on getting everything clean and tidy rather than perfect. Despite that, it seems endless!

This weekend we discovered how to change a lightbulb in a swimming pool without being electrocuted. Actually it wasn’t as hard as we thought and the replacement bulb wasn’t too expensive. Standing waist deep in water with an adjustable spanner removing the connectors from a large light bulb, we weren’t entirely sure what was going to happen but apparently swimming pool light bulbs don’t have the same effect as dropping a hair dryer in the bath. Good to know.

We went to look at new fridges as we have a relic from the 1980s which doesn’t really reflect the concept of “boutique hotel” and really needed to be replaced twenty years ago. We bought lots of cheap wine glasses, guaranteed to be broken and even more crockery and cutlery. How many forks are enough?

We managed to find a pet sitter for the Little Dog so Big T can come to London and have a break from a group of Russians who have booked to stay for two weeks. We met a very nice family near Valbonne who look after dogs and are happy to have Agnes to stay. We stressed that Agnes can’t be trusted and if a gate is left open, that will be the last they see of her. Hopefully all goes well when the time comes.

We did a lot of packing up in the kitchen so that drawers and cupboards are cleaned and not full of old elastic bands, candles and miscellaneous crap. And then there was the relentless gardening which Big T tackled with a new hedge trimmer as it seems things insist on growing enormous due to a very wet Spring and it seems as though we’re constantly pruning.

While we did a lot of work, we also managed to enjoy a little of the weekend with an evening spent in Cannes on Thursday, a very nice (and exorbitant) G&T at the Carlton Hotel started the weekend off and then on Sunday, having worked and worked and worked, we decided to go to see the lavender fields in Provence, something we’d never done properly before and that was completely exhausting!

And so with less than two weeks (and only one weekend) we have a lot to do!

Back to London and more work…

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