Russian Occupation

I arrived on Friday afternoon (with a two hour delay) to finish the preparations for the much-anticipated first Airbnb booking for the main house.

Big T had an electrician installing some new outdoor lights as we had wanted to uplight the olive trees for more ambiance. With that complete (and the garden patched up) we felt things had progressed greatly from a year ago.

We pushed on with the final cleaning and gardening and celebrated the final evening in our garden with a rousing game of table tennis or two. It was then we realised that we had no power in the cabana and had to end in a 1-1 draw as we couldn’t see anything. A most frustrating result but more frustrating was the fact that the electrician had cut the power. The small fridge started to defrost…

The next morning we were up and at it again. We left several messages for the electrician to no avail, hopefully he’ll come back to repair his work. The house was immaculate as the final bed was made, the floors mopped and the door closed behind us.

The garden was finished as we swept the pool again, swept the final leaves and filled the big green gardening bin yet again. We had never cleaned anything so much!

And then with nothing more to do, we moved down to the caretaker’s apartment to await the arrival of the Russians.

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