The Fete in the village

With eight Russians installed in our lovely house (it seemed the cleaning didn’t last long) there was nothing for us to do but leave them to it.

We had anticipated this and so rather than sit and listen to people enjoying our garden, we decided to go out for dinner to our new favourite place, the Bistro du Clos in Le Rouret and then, as luck would have it, there was a fete going on in the village so we thought we’d trot along and see what was happening.

It was a lovely local evening. Delicious food, good company and very reasonably priced local rosé!

Heading over to the fete, it was ropey rosé in plastic cups combined with a vibrant atmosphere as we met a local 85 year old neighbour whom we often see walking his dog. Agnes was group hugged by a family of three small children who loved her (and she loved the attention). We smelled the most delicious smelling bouillabaisse and wished we were eating it before ending the evening dancing at the front of the crowd with a group of jumping ten year olds (me, that is).

We walked home past the pond of wildly croaking frogs before getting back to our little caretaker’s apartment. The house was dark and quiet. It seemed everyone was asleep.

Just as we were going to bed, a phone pinged and one of the Russians complained they couldn’t get the sheet to fit on the air bed. They added a photo to ensure we could see the issue. Grrr.

Big T took a sheet I’d washed and ironed earlier in the day. It was still a little damp but it was a bigger sheet and would fit the airbed. Hopefully they wouldn’t notice it was damp…

And after that we slept.

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