Back to France

It’s been two weeks of Russian occupation.

Agnes spent a week staying with a nice family near Valbonne where she spent all day every day playing with children, hosepipes and water squirters. She sat on the sofa, was fed lasagna and a t-bone steak bone and she managed to catch a bird (now sadly deceased). She came home and slept for two days solid!

Big T spent a week in France watching football, catching up with family and friends and enjoying the best summer England’s seen in decades. He had to go back to France to recover!

I have spent two weeks in the UK going to work. Oh, hang on a minute?

I came back to France this morning as the Russians are vacating the house in the morning and the house needs to be washed, cleaned and reset for the group arriving next weekend. There are people splashing around in the pool and a large pink inflatable flamingo cluttering up our lovely garden.

Next weekend I’m off to New York for work before coming back to France from New York and cleaning everything again.

Loving my summer holidays!

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