Hampton Court Palace

As the weekend continued, we decided to take advantage of even more hot weather and go to the flower show at Hampton Court. A first for us both.

We set off after the World Cup celebrations and arrived at Hampton Court by train and immediately saw the former palace of Henry VIII. Stunning.

We shuffled along with the rest of the crowd along the banks of the Thames absorbing England at her best and then spent a lovely time being inspired by the gardens, plants, flowers and scenery in the flower show.

After several refreshment breaks sitting on the grass, we thought we’d seen everything and decided we’d go home by boat to Richmond.

It was a good idea but one which seemed to take a long time to get started. Half an hour later we were back to where we’d started picking up some more people and then finally we set off to Kingston and eventually, Richmond.

In the end it was worth it as it was a glorious trip from Kingston upon Thames to Richmond. The sense of history along the banks of the river was apparent with old boat houses, Elizabethan chimneys and bridges spanning the girth of London’s lifeblood.

At least two hours later, extremely hot and arriving in Richmond we were happy to walk in the shade. Hopping on the underground we had a quick journey up to Paddington and then off to Queens Park, a few stops further.

Arriving home we thought we’d watch the Hampton Court Flower Show on BBC iPlayer so we could remember all the lovely gardens we’s seen… only to discover that somehow we’d managed to miss loads of them.

I’m not entirely sure how that happened but I suspect it may have had something to do with the World Cup. Still, we enjoyed what we saw and were very inspired with ideas for one part of our garden in France, the side garden where the monster laurel hedge has taken control.

More to come on that I’m sure.

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