Mansion Blocks

We have been continuing our search for a new flat as it seems our sale is progressing.

Solicitors have been instructed and a deposit has been paid. I have been to talk to the bank and have been approved for a new mortgage (in principle) so it seems we’ll need a new place to live.

We like the mansions blocks around Maida Vale and have looked at several flats so far. The biggest challenge is Agnes as we really need a ground floor flat with access outside. Most of the blocks have large communal gardens but ground floor flats are hard to come by.

So far our best options have been a gorgeous flat with a tiny shared balcony on the second floor. We were considering it until we remembered that it’s not always thirty degrees and could we face taking the dog up and down stairs in the inevitable rain for every wee.

The same concern applied to the fourth floor flat we looked at only worse as it needed complete refurbishment and four floors is a lot to climb up.

And then we found one which looked interesting. A large ground floor flat facing the Paddington Recreation Ground (a park we often use). On paper it looks like it needs a few walls bashing down (hurrah) and a new kitchen and bathroom to say the least. It’s expensive but could be interesting to have a look.

I did a cycle-by on my way home from work and loved the location so that’s a big plus and I’m going to see it on Tuesday so I’ll find out the reality.

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