Twenty seven loads of laundry

The Russians turned out to be Czechs and were very nice people. Three generations came to stay and they left the house in immaculate condition. If all Airbnb guests are like this, we’ll be pleased!

We used the money from the booking to install new lights in the olive trees so we sat outside last night to enjoy the new ambiance.

There were still twenty seven loads of laundry to do. Well, at least eight loads as there was bedding for five beds, nine towels, bath mats, tea towels and hand towels. The house had to be cleaned and reset for the group who arrive next weekend but as I won’t be here, everything needed to be done before.

The house was quite easy to reset, three hours of cleaning and bed making and it was pretty much ready. The washing took longer as everything had to be washed on a hot wash and dried in the sunshine. Luckily it’s finally summer and the crisp white bedding was soon dry with a faint scent of lavender drifting through it.

And so, after a weekend of swimming, cleaning, swimming, the house is all ready for the next group, the laundry is all folded and put away for the quick changeover we have in two weeks time and I’m heading back to London to get ready for New York with a flat viewing beforehand.

Deep breath, one day at a time…

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