Alcohol-free gin

I never thought I’d type the words, alcohol-free gin. It seems so wrong.

As a true lover of classic London gin, nothing fancy or spicy, no cucumber or nonsense, I thought I’d try Seedlip, an alcohol-free drink touted as a gin-alternative. I was having a dry week before going to New York and so I went in with a relatively open mind.

There are two varieties of Seedlip and I bought the Garden version. A clear distilled spirit, it looked suspiciously like an expensive bottle of water and when combined with ice and Fevertree tonic water, I felt it may have spoiled a very nice glass of tonic.

The flavour was a little strange, a bit of a mossy aftertaste and of course, there was none of that lovely feeling of alcohol hitting the arteries (spoken like a true drinker!)

I had a second glass to give it a fair go.

Overall it’s not a bad alternative to booze. It’s a mature flavour and not being sweet makes it quite drinkable. It did taste a bit like moss so I wouldn’t mind trying the Spice version to see what that’s like.

I suspect we may have this bottle in January when we get inspired to detox again.

In the meantime I think I prefer a nice glass of tonic, ice and lemon happily pretending it’s a gin and tonic.

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