I arrived in New York on Sunday after an uneventful flight. Middle seat dodged thanks to being flagged as a security risk by the US so for once, it was worth going through a security check!

Arriving into New York, the weather was unsettled and as I popped out to do a little browsing/shopping, there was a torrential downpour soaking everything and everyone within seconds.

I was stuck in a shop so bought a pair of flip flops in order to save my shoes. And then, still stuck I asked to buy an umbrella.

No luck in buying one but a nice guy working in J. Crew handed one of their store umbrellas to take with me. How lucky!

And so in torrential rain, wearing flip flops and carrying a blue umbrella emblazoned with J. Crew logos, I waded back to my hotel. And as I was crossing a road and went into a knee deep puddle, I almost lost a flip flop.

Rain, I’d forgotten!

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