Taking the Plunge Part Two

Having tried out the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond on Sunday, I decided it was time to try out Parliament Hill Lido, another local swimming option.

Opened in 1938, this is a massive (200 x 90 feet/61x27m) unheated outdoor pool with a stainless steel lining. It was slightly too big for me as I’m more of a 25m swimmer.

I’d never been before though and so with my swimsuit, towel and goggles, I cycled over to start my day with a swim before work.

A £4 entry swim seemed very reasonable and while the changing rooms haven’t been updated since 1938 apparently, the pool itself was a very nice experience.

The water temperature was lovely and given the size of the pool, goes to show how hot the summer has been. The water was clean (not a single Band-Aid) and the pool wasn’t crowded at 8:15am.

My swimming fitness certainly needs work but I did swim properly with head down and goggles on rather than old lady breaststroke in sunglasses so I felt quite pleased with myself for actually trying.

I’m taking inspiration from the father of Big T who, at 85 is still swimming at least twice a week. It seems it might be the answer to exercise for longevity.

I definitely preferred Parliament Hill Lido over the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond and will be going back for a second visit. Now, I just need to work on my fitness…

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