After a few weeks of waiting, Big T launched a charm offensive on the seller of the shithole/perfect flat I’d seen in Maida Vale.

We couldn’t afford it and knew it would need a lot of work so we waited a few weeks before going in with our absolute best offer and the irresistible charm of Big T.

We were pretty sure the answer would be “no!” And we would be stretching to get there anyway… but it just felt right and who can resist the charming T?!

This morning there was a call from the seller accepting our offer. Holy Cat Piss Batman, what just happened?!

Of course now we need to push our sale through fast, push our mortgage through and make this happen quickly before anyone (including me) gets cold feet!

I have a strange sense of deja vu, renovating in winter anyone?

This should get interesting!

2 thoughts on “Accepted!

  1. Dear Gem and Tim, Great news on the housing front. Hope it all stays on track for you.
    Our very cool winter continues. New bedroom nearly finished, thanks to Giles it will probably be the best insulated bedroom in Australia – we will be very grateful for that.

    Our love, J and P

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