Above us only sky

The upstairs bathroom ceiling was looking suspiciously saggy and there was a very large crack across it.

We had discussed (in the future) removing the flat ceiling to give us more height and to go into the angled roof and so, fortified with a glass of Pernod (such a good idea) we cut out a small piece of the ceiling to have a look inside.

It quickly became apparent that things were not as they should be.

Light streamed through the tiles in at least four places and it’s a mystery how the ceiling hadn’t collapsed about ten years ago.

On the plus side, the bathroom isn’t part of the main roof but it certainly looks as though we’ll be ripping out the ceiling, fixing the roof and making good (my least favourite term) the insulation and plaster.

On a negative side, it looks like we might have the same issue with the small upstairs bedroom but frankly, I’m too scared to look!

Bird’s eye view over Nice!


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