The Secret Garden

Today we started work on the secret garden, or rather the side garden we have been referring to as “Mosquito Coast.” Yes, the first name is rather apt for a reason.

Living in London a garden is a premium and we couldn’t bear the thought of an area not being used. The side garden is at least twice the size of our tiny London courtyard and it seemed like such a waste so we’d been thinking about what we could do.

We had seen a lovely garden at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and decided it was the perfect inspiration for Mosquito Coast.

With a piece of string, white paint and a few tools we started mapping out our new side garden. Our challenge being that we have a gradient and everything slopes to one side.

A paved seating area leading to a water feature (perfect for breeding), winding paths and wild Provencal planting. We had a plan.

Still, day one and we had the first circle roughed out for the breakfast seating area, connecting paths and a vision of what it was all going to look like.

The Secret Garden, work in progress.

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