Shut the Front Gate

We decided it was time to look for new gates. We have old broken wooden gates which have been repeatedly patched until they’re literally held together with bits of metal. While it’s tempting to keep adding to this art installation, it seems we’re heading towards new gates.

Saturday saw us heading off to Casterama, a huge DIY superstore near Antibes to start the process of looking for fancy new wrought iron gates, a must-have in the South of France.

Gates do not come cheap it would seem as we found the gates we liked, then needed to add the motorisation, then the installation and finally the fee for someone to visit the site to tell us if we can install said gates. It all adds up but hopefully it’s a one time installation. Gates for life.

Looks like this will be our last French project for a while as we’ve ticked a lot off the list this summer including new lights, pots and a large umbrella for the garden thanks to our airbnb guests.


After a few weeks of waiting, Big T launched a charm offensive on the seller of the shithole/perfect flat I’d seen in Maida Vale.

We couldn’t afford it and knew it would need a lot of work so we waited a few weeks before going in with our absolute best offer and the irresistible charm of Big T.

We were pretty sure the answer would be “no!” And we would be stretching to get there anyway… but it just felt right and who can resist the charming T?!

This morning there was a call from the seller accepting our offer. Holy Cat Piss Batman, what just happened?!

Of course now we need to push our sale through fast, push our mortgage through and make this happen quickly before anyone (including me) gets cold feet!

I have a strange sense of deja vu, renovating in winter anyone?

This should get interesting!

The Next Step

Things had gone quiet on the sale of the flat. I was starting to be concerned and followed up with the solicitor.

That seemed to get things moving as an email came back with questions and clarifications.

So that was good. Onward and hopefully upward.

Testing the water

So it looks like we’ve moved successfully and I’m testing the iPad software.

I have a few formatting issues to sort out but otherwise it’s all here and this morning I found myself reading the early days from 2012. It’s quite addictive and very indulgent!

So much seemed to happen in such a short space of time and it was a lovely trip back to those heady days when everything was so new and exciting.

Tonight I’m heading back to France for a guest-free weekend so perhaps we’ll take inspiration from 2012 and do something other than cleaning!

Changing Hosts

I’ve been challenged this year as my blogging software no longer works on my phone or iPad. Take note Blogger, you need to upgrade your software.

As a result my riveting blog entries have been limited to my laptop or computer which has taken away the spontaneity of posting from the car, plane, train or other form of transport.

I’ve just started the process of transferring my blog to a new host. The content has transferred (hurrah, six years of nonsense safely carried over) the layout is slightly different but can be improved and all I have left is to redirect the domain name.

Hopefully it will be seamless and the pearls of wisdom, weather forecasts and home improvement tips for lunatics will continue and indeed, increase once I’m back up and running on mobile.

Stay tuned folks, we’re heading over to WordPress.