Patching the holes

While I’m back in London this week dealing with solicitors (and work), Big T has managed to get the bathroom roof patched up. Apparently it involved gluing back tiles which had blown loose in a recent storm. With rain on the way, it happened just in the nick of time.

While the builder was up there, he inspected the rest of the roof and the news wasn’t good. Not entirely surprising but it would seem the main roof has been patched up in many places and there are many loose tiles. It all sounds very expensive and will have to go on the future wishlist for when we win the lottery (it would help if we actually entered it!)

My concern would be whether the walls would hold up to the roof being replaced, as it all looks a bit dodgy. The last thing we need is a big pile of rubble where we used to have a house.

So for now, another tube of superglue should do the job and a big pile of sand to bury our heads in!


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