The Cupboard of Crap

On the outside I am very organised. I apparently give the impression that my home is immaculate and all things in it are pristine. I wish people wouldn’t judge me based on outward appearances!

Open a cupboard door or a drawer and it’s apparent that my life is far from immaculate and while the facade might look good (although rapidly crumbling), the inner chaos is very telling indeed.

I spent part of Saturday organising the inner chaos of several cupboards and boxes as, at some point, we will have to pack everything and move somewhere, wherever that may be…

I sorted out the kitchen and bathroom first, binning old food, frozen soup from two years ago and old cosmetics and bath products. A good start.

After that I moved on to the dreaded Cupboard of Crap where I found pointless bits of wrapping paper I’d liked at some point, hairclips from Japan which I’ll never use, old pens, sewing remnants, old technology including an iPad (first generation), an iPod (I’d forgotten what it was called), a Nike Fuelband and other antiquated bits and pieces, none of which seemed to work. And lots of plugs and cables. And all the bowls I made in ceramics which weren’t very good.

I have always tried to believe I was pretty minimal but the Cupboard of Crap would prove otherwise. More purging to come as I can’t face packing this stuff to move again.


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