Pretending we’re in Maida Vale

In my mind we’ve moved to Maida Vale (rather than the dodgy fringes where we currently live!)

I’ve changed my daily bike route to detour along the roads where I will be cycling and this weekend I walked past the flat we’re hoping to buy.

I was on my way to the local cinema (conveniently located five minutes away from the new flat) and so walked through the park in order to do a little pedestrian stalking.

A dog came out of the building so that fear was laid to rest as we weren’t sure pets were allowed. Dogs are certainly not allowed in the communal gardens so twenty metres of Welsh Terrier will have to be deployed if the doors to the gardens are open.

From the road it looked like there was a TV on in the living room. Odd, as the flat is unoccupied and the previous owner passed away…

I strolled along, went to a local corner shop, admired how close the tube is and generally felt quite smug.

With all that said, we are still to put our mortgage application in and basically nothing has happened, the whole thing could fall apart and I’ll be the sad cyclist riding past the flat we didn’t buy.

Let’s hope not!

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