Lunch for 40p

Having forgotten to take my wallet to work today I was faced with a conundrum. Borrow money from a colleague or take the 52p I found in my desk to Sainsburys to see what I could buy.

I decided to see what the options would be with an extremely limited budget.

Sadly vegetables weren’t an option as everything was over a pound so I soon found myself in the instant noodle/MSG section and weighed up the options of a small tin of macaroni cheese or Chinese ramen noodles. Neither of which were particularly healthy or appealing. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I could have bought a small baguette for 45p (again, not for me) but then I discovered a tin of “Be Good to Yourself” spicy tomato and lentil soup for 40p. I read the ingredients, nothing artificial and so with my 12p change, I heated my soup back at work.

For 40p and a low fat, reasonably healthy lunch I was impressed. The soup was tasty with a nice level of spice and filling. And for 40p that’s probably the cheapest lunch I’ve had.

I remember talking about the £10 challenge a couple of years ago, how to live on £10 for a week. With a 40p soup option, that’s seven soups for £2.80.

Hard to beat!


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