Wishful Thinking

Big T and the estate agent have been discussing moving dates but it appears to be wishful thinking as the solicitors are yet to speak or discuss exchanging contracts.

I suspect it’s wishful thinking on the part of the estate agent as he wants his commission and even more, his Christmas bonus.

So we’ve had surveys done and had the movers around. And we continue to wait…

Agnes and the Russians

Agnes has been spending the weekend with a medal-winning Russian grappler.

We don’t really know what that means except that we found a new dog sitter nearby and went to meet her.

She had an enormous German Shepherd called Rex and a boyfriend who’s a grappler. We assume that’s a type of wrestler and judging by the number of medals, Agnes had better be on her best behaviour!

We’ll find out tomorrow if Agnes is barking in Russian!


Back to France for a weekend of winterisation. Or in other words, make sure the pool hasn’t overflowed in the past month.

We arrived on Friday and for once decided to get an Uber. Taxis in the South of France are astronomical and we were once charged €40 to go from Nice to the airport, a journey of approximately five minutes. Ouch.

With that in mind, €40 in an Uber compared to an hour on the bus seemed reasonable.

We arrived in the dark and could instantly see the pool was a dark, green murky pond lapping at the top of the paving. We were just in the nick of time.

We also discovered a bad leak in one bedroom as builders had replaced a roof tile the wrong way and the room had flooded. Not good news at all.

It was all manageable and on Saturday the builder came to correct the tile and promised to fix the bedroom.

We dumped some chemicals into the bottle green pool and created a rather lurid concoction, not the crystalline pool of the summer and we moved the outdoor furniture, umbrella and tables under cover for the winter.

With a bit of washing and cleaning, we just had to cover the pool and we were ready for the lockdown.

With more rain forecast and the ski season already underway, it was a good thing we’d arrived this weekend.

All ready for the winter!