Let the festivities begin!

I have officially finished work for the year and I have survived the past ten days in the Mansion with the Most (potential, expenses, opportunity, cats etc) and I am ready to have a rest and enjoy some well deserved time off…

Oh what am I thinking?

This is when it all begins. From wallpaper stripping , uncovering windows, dealing with rot and determining whether the building will collapse if we knock down the maid’s room.

All I can say now is, let the festivities begin!

I suspect I’ll be glad to get back to work on January 7th!

Sausage dogs in Christmas jumpers

We are now able to walk to Hyde Park, ok it took half an hour but still definitely walkable.

And what a stunning morning with blue skies, sunshine and frosty leaves.

We don’t know Hyde Park well so Agnes and I did a big walk around the Serpentine where we saw lots of hissing swans, up to Kensington Palace to see if we could see Meghan peering around the curtains and then back past two hundred sausage dogs in Christmas jumpers and there really were two hundred!

With all that ticked off the list as well as horses (one of us went berserk) it was a three hour walk and we were ready for a sit down.


A new place

This morning Agnes and I tried out a new cafe/bar/eatery, The Elgin.

Just around the corner, it was dog friendly, had good food and had rather similar floorboards!

This is very good news as I was missing our old cafes in Queen’s Park and their poached eggs were excellent!


It’s as if we’ve gone back in time and it’s 1945. Tonight I taped black bin bags over the front door to keep the light out (as opposed to in).

Light has been pouring in through the front door every night as there’s an all night security light and it’s been driving me crazy. I’m light sensitive and I can’t sleep.

I’m optimistic that this is the temporary solution with a black out blind being a more permanent option.

It’s not very stylish but very effective as I woke up at 7:30am!

One week

It’s hard to believe it’s only a week since the most traumatic move ever. It hasn’t been the easiest of weeks as I’ve been camping in one room, going to work, dealing with Agnes and generally feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I decided to work from home on Friday having skipped the Christmas party last night but knowing very little would get done today.

Instead I decided to have a look under the carpet and as these things happen, before I knew it, I’d ripped out the carpet of cremation in the bedroom and hall. It had been getting me down especially the smell and instantly things felt better.

Having said that, the hall is quite rotten and will need boards and joists replacing but we’ve dealt with that before so it’s scary but not daunting.

And then I settled down to wait for a few essentials to be delivered including a mini fridge so we can function somewhat normally while we’re kitchen-free.

Here are some flattering progress photos which definitely make things look better than they are…

The Slug and Rosary

Now that’s a great name for a pub… except that it’s what I found in the kitchen this morning. (I should never have bought light bulbs!)

A large brown slug was curled up in the dog bowl. It seemed to have done a few laps on the brown carpet in the kitchen bedroom and then went for supper and a lie-down.

I am, of course, terrified of slugs so am hoping it didn’t bring friends. That one was carefully dislodged into a bin bag and removed from the flat. Not a good start.

And then I found a rosary hanging on a wall in the kitchen which I’ve stood by for four days and never noticed.

I’m not a big fan of organised religion so felt slightly uncomfortable. I’m not sure what the removal process is, do I need to drop it off at a nearby church marked, please return to previous owner?


Our next door neighbours left a plant and a welcome card on our mat. What a lovely surprise.

And what a contrast from Mr. Chips who threw chips all over the floor and came in drunk every night slamming the door and stomping loudly upstairs usually falling over on the way

I must say I’m not missing the old inconsiderate neighbours and elephants upstairs.

I’m still relishing the silence.