And we’re loading

It was a bad start, the movers got lost and an argument ensued.

Things started getting heated and threats were made to cancel the job. It was all because I couldn’t hold a parking spot for a van on a central London street.

After a while things calmed down, we shook hands and got on with the job. It was actually sleeting, I was shaking with cold (or rage) and it was turning into one of the most auspiciously miserable days ever.

A phone call then came in from the solicitor to say we were still waiting for payment to transfer which meant the sale hadn’t completed and so the purchase also hadn’t completed. And with a 1pm cut off, time was ticking along. We have 35 minutes left as I write this.

With a van full of furniture and nowhere to go, things were less than fun and we hadn’t even started trying to get the bloody sofa out!

More to come, let’s hope it improves…

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